2 Wet Fish Strapped to my feet

I have 2 wet fish strapped to my feet and it’s making it difficult to walk.

I want to wear a dress.

In order to wear a dress I need to go to a shop, into the women’s department and shop for my dress, size, style…

So why is a man in the women’s department?
He can’t use the women’s changing room.
Is he gay?
Either way he cannot be trusted, gay men are sexual perverts just the same as straight men.

Wether I identify as male or female is irrelevant, you’ve pre-decided that already (completley erroneously )
Wether I am gay or straight is irrelevant, if I’m not causing a problem then those feelings are a private matter.

So I have to jump through embarrassing and degrading hoops in order to, and lets be very very clear about this, TO WEAR AN ITEM OF CLOTHING OF MY CHOICE.

Really can we go any further with this?

Who won the war? The Nazis or the Gangsters?

Who cares?! We’ve still ended up with a facsist dictatorship, we now live in a world of commercial fascism.

I am not the only male who wants to wear a dress, there are at the very least thousands, more likley hundreds of thousands, quite possibly millions, so…

Commercial shops say the customer is always right, then where are the shops selling dresses for men?
Feminists claiming the need for equality, but women must be allowed to wear trousers… but still, a man must not wear a dress… or at least he can make his own dress, or he can go into the women’s department?!?

Imagine if we said women can wear trousers, but they must go into the mens department and wear trousers made for men.

By and large, the political commercial set up in the UK is as useful to me as having two wet fish strapped to my feet as shoes, I am deeply embarrassed at having to live in the UK, and indeed most of commercial society.

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