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I stopped reading the Sun in 1989, i stopped reading the mirror in 1997, I stopped watching BBc news in 2001, basically I don't "Need" you.

Justice is Served : Colston 4 NOT GUILTY verdict

cleo lake creativity

The ‘Colston 4’ did what needed to be done and their actions have significantly contributed to propelling an inter generational and international cause, presenting a substantial and symbolic marker towards the historic battle for justice concerning crimes committed against humanity through the Transatlantic Traffic of Enslaved Afrikans commonly referred to as the ‘slave trade’. As stated in the trial summing up : “Colston’s statue normalised abuse. It condoned the shrugging acceptance of racism. It celebrated the achievements of a racist mass murderer. The continued existence of that statue was a racist hate crime.”

Press conference after the Colston verdict: Left to right – Defendant Rhian Graham, former Lord Mayor Cleo Lake, lawyer Raj Chada, Bristol City councillor Christine Townsend and activist Jen Reid (Image: Geoff Bennett)

The focus now should continue to be on centering the descendants of the enslaved, better general information and education such as the Cargo Classroom

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Adriana, Vis. Merchandise

To tell a story via still images, gifs, video clips.

To tell a story via still images, gifs and video clips.

My portfolio of artwork, demonstrating different techniques to create bold effective images.

Easy to smile
NY Apple 🍏 gone baad
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You lookin’ @ me?
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The intellectual crow
Sartorial elegance No. 6
Woodlands in my living room
Adriana Gymkhana
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Hotel to the stars ✨
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Flake taste of heaven

Removing the olde Gaurde

You’ll forgive me if I come across politically nieve (Born in 72, appealed by “Star Wars” Ronald Raegan sic, 1982? I know what politics is and what it has been and I know where I stand politically)

The campaign to tell you who best to vote for, for remain. In 2017 a campaign like that told me to vote Labour…… ProblematicProblematic, Labour impossibly ambiguous, and as was suspected, we’d find out after the election, that the Labour leaders would busy themselves telling us how we’d voted and why, safe in the knowledge that their campaign “For the many”, couldn’t be denied, disregarded, because “The Many Did Not Vote For Them”.

So basic tenet was hatchet job by left wingers hoping to gain my vote, suggesting that Labour leaders could be swayed to come out as pro remain?

Secondly, (as I’ve made clear, I’m politically aware), in my area Labour are more likely to come third behind the Lib Dems.

OK, that felt good to get that off my chest.

So political tactics, making it easy for those of us less politically aware, who to vote for to remain…. See how uneasy this makes me, educate people about politics, there’s a big bit of reasoning around here that people were politically duped because so many people are not politically astute, because politics happens in Westminster, away from the people, sitting in the house of commons not giving a flying fig that J. D. Sports forced you out of your job by targeting you for security searches, the Tory haw haw too busy looking for big investors to care about how those big investors treat their employees.

Don’t preach and lecture at people about how they’re best to vote. Educate people about politics.

OK, let me lecture you now 😉.

Let us talk, The tories now have a negative “Majority” (It feels good to say that), but they want a general election, and if you buy into polling, the tories would still be the biggest party…. But what about political nouse…

Biggest news flash for me was 21 Tory mp’s being sacked, along with high profile tory resignations…

So, tories are going to field new candidates? Who are these people? Young or old?

Politics is a game, and knowing about our FPTP system can help give you an advantage.

It has been said, we don’t have a national General Election, rather we have lots of small local elections, we then add upp the wins and losses.

FPTP (First Past The Post) can make it seem like, the majority vote Conservative, that there’s little or no chance of shifting them, and there’s some truth to that, but truth can come in many forms, Truthfully elections are a lot closer than results would have you believe, less than a thousand votes can make the difference in many places (Please somebody more talented than me, less lazy than me look into these stats), Sometimes these are called “Swing seats”, seats where there’s a chance of change, but my experience tells me that there are more of them than anybody let’s on, this is due to party dominance, “The tories have a large cash chest for campaigns and therefore can outspend smaller parties, recently by 4 to 1 Tories v Lib Dems – Brecon and Radnorshire. So, we can be their campaign teams, we can retweet, we could post propaganda, we can set up Whisper farms, ie – sit four or more people in corner of pub and talk about how we think Miss. ABCDE is a great candidate.

We can also publish, who is standing where, exhaustive work, but so often, we get vote “Lady blah blah” for Lib Dems, but we don’t know who she is, why she was selected, get their profiles out there, in the public domain, doing the rounds, make a special supplement, Give People the Information they Need to make a well informed choice, to make a confident choice. Don’t leave it to the BBC, don’t leave it to the telegraph or the daily fail.

Now, target seats. Yep, it’s a war and there will be blood spilt and your local town might not be in the thick of it, your local Borough may not need targeting, may not be as important to target as some others (We use FPTP, I advocate using P.R, (Proportional Representation)).

Target big name tories, I love the taking on Boris Johnston story.

But we currently have open goals, where tories have resigned, remember we’re having many local elections and personalities count, bouy up candidates, support them in hustings, put a picture of their face in your window, offer a sticker alum in the shops of Remain mp’s, collect them all!

Take advantage where we can, the old gaurde are crumbling, well know local mp’s are resigning, we have opportunity to get in.

Now, go win that general election, 150 Lib Dem mp’s, 50 Green mp’s, stoic remain Labour mp’s, take us into an unholy coalition, make the coalition aim Proportional Representation. Do it! Do it now!

The Cure v Souxsie and the Banshees (it’s like that, and that’s the way it is)

I saw a question, wondering why The Cure have/had renown that in some ways similar act Souxsie and the Banshees did not.

Is this a simple question, simple answer? How similar are the two bands? Indeed they did hybrid at moments.

(Disclaimer, I’m not pretending to be an “Expert”, but suffice to say, I grew up in the wake of these two bands and experienced their fandom and/or lack of it. I write now from my own perspective. )

Who are the bands;

The Cure is Robert Smith. Other Cure band members may atest to this, if Robert Smith gives you a call your in, if not your not in, so goe’s the lore. (Please don’t get me wrong, I like other members and I’m sure the fans do, this is no personal slight from me just an exploration of what/how The Cure work) Robert Smith founded “The Easy Cure” with LOL Tolhurst, the name shortened and they went on to some success, [I am currently trying to read up via Wikipedia to verify facts but what can I say, they have different facts to the ones in my head!!! ;)] The Cure had some success, but they weren’t runaway chart superstars, that said, stood alongside other “Goth/Punk” bands of the time they weren’t so much “Attack, they weren’t so much” Hammer house of horror, this dark thing is happening and will all encompass you, your life, your whole being”, no, they were throwaway pop. Their first album (In my head “Boys don’t cry”, via Wikipedia and one presumes some history being rewritten by the current Cure machine, Three imaginary boys, but hey, my brain is Swiss cheesed and my facts rarely factual. Boys Don’t cry got air play, more so than the stark “Killing an Arab”, and here is where The Cure often live, in a place between Gothic horror/Punk attack and throwaway pop. Robert Smith is the cute cuddly plush toy of goth rock.

The Cure charted every year from 79 to 89 (Likley 90 too), they didn’t always hit high in the charts, but they gave enough that their cult fan following really swelled, and I believe it is this following that ensured the bands lasting renown.

Souxsie and the Banshees;

Started earlier than The Cure, and more truly borne out of the punk scene, Suzy Souxie had a great eye for flair, design, for striking artistic looks.

When Paul Morely of the NME wrote about The Cure he ended with “With a toy drum kit”, and this is some true immidiate stark difference between the two acts, early Souxsie was very tribal drumming. Poor Souxsie, got quite some abuse in the early years…… Maybe The Cure played different venues, or maybe cutesy Robert Smith just didn’t evoke the same strong emotions in audiences, or maybe Smith hasn’t talked about any abuse, The second explanation I find most likely.

Souxsie have also had consistent chart success according to Wikipedia their only gap years being 89 and 93. I maybe first encountered Souxsie in 88 with Peepshow, and they immediately stole my heart, in a way The Cure didn’t….. Now I really don’t like that I like The Cure, I Guess It Is Alltogether Just Too Easy to like The Cure.

That’s my little write up, anything more would just be waffle I feel;

The Cure, cutesy too easy to like Robert Smith;

Souxsie, Stark, Powerful, female led Spikey Suzy Soux


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