I ain’t no rapper

Wahhhh, oh no,
I ain’t no rapper
cos unfortunately I’ve got me
st, st, stammer
and a wild, crazy, Midlands English grammer
My lyrics they fly at ya like a hammer,
Ptangyangkipperbang Northern glamour
and surreptitiously in the last lines really bit words I like to Cramm, ah
What I’ve got to say is locked up inside
like a treasure chest inside I hide
for I feat a world dangerous, corrupt
and then my wittering ends

Adriana Spalinky



Marnin glow

Bathed in the marnin sun, watching my life drift away, and the moment that I wake, Captured me and took my soul right outa the haze, oh come with me and share the dream, a warmly touching softly scene watching our lives grow bathed in this glow

Play the music

When you play ▶ the music 🎶

my body starts a moving

When you play ▶ the music 🎶

I’m connected, like automaton dyspraxic

I can’t control, how you make me move

emancipates me, in a groove

like circuitry 💫 designed for the purpose of hypnotising your music becomes immersive

and all I can do is to follow the route that your body control machine lays down

When you play ▶ the music 🎶

my body starts a moving

and I feel like a hypnotised clown

dancing uncontrollably I bounce, and bound, putting distance between me and my frown 🙁

dancing uncontrollably round connected to the rythmic sound

oh how great this treasure

oh how great this pleasure

utopia on Earth has been found.


Wyko coco bean be ma name

Wyko wyko Why coco bean ma name

and hey now, hey now, checkin out on my dance,

hey now hey now hey now hey now, checkin out how my feet dance

I went walkin, walking, stridin, striding, striking and it was plain,

Sun ☀ in my eyes, but catching those spies, wyko wykoco bean be ma name

Sun ☀ in my eyes but catching no flies Wycoco bean be my name

(low vibrato stylophone)


Newsnights had the kids with their crayons

Hat looks taller noticeably because it has been “coloured in”, this takes away shape defining lines, causing a loss of perspective for the viewer. The curved screen is concave and is unlikely to have an “enlargening efect”. it looks larger because dumb crayon wielding numpties

next pic;

also because the kremlin background, we know, or our brain tells us that the building is larger than a person, so the graphic adds size, difference between previous tory minister shown whole body, Corbyn only head…. try showing anyone as enlarged head, it’s rarely flattering.