Switching to Bulb energy; incentive; bulb.co.uk/refer/adrianaspalinky

I have been with bulb 💡 energy for a year now, have had good customer service, plain straightforward information and a hassle free, money saving experience.

For being with them for a year they have increased the incentive to join up to £100 (usually £50), for the week, until 11:59pm on Wednesday 30th January 2019. Each person that joins Bulb saves over a tonne of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere every year. That’s like planting 549 trees. win-win

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Leeds Grooviest Girl Band

Out of the Review

Lunar Sounds are a three piece alt rock/indie band hailing from Leeds, often getting compared to Sleater Kinney, The Raincoats and The Au Pairs.
On the 14th September they will be releasing their debut EP – The Void.

The EP is four tracks long, which is the perfect length. It gives you a nice amount to be introduced to the band and to their sound.

Track listing:
1) Out the Dark
2) The Getaway
3) D.E.Z
4) Timebomb

Even though they’ve recorded everything themselves (recording, mixed and mastering), sound wise the trio sounds very professional.

Out the Dark is a great start. An upbeat, fast tempo song. In a space of 2:33, the song features quite a bit. Yes it’s short, but sometimes shorter is better, and in this case it does job quite well.
The Getaway is the next track that follows. With guitars featured straightaway sounding rather relaxing…

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Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack


Jumping Jack flash,

You’re the bitter end, the bitter trash

Jumping the queue?

We’ll see the end of all that’s you

Jumping jack

The bitter fag end only ash

The end of you,

To the end the queue tresemay

Tresemay, dissary and misery

tresemay , unleash the facist fray

Ugly days

Rid of you, then come what may

End of you

See your final days

Whooping it up with the far right Gänseschritt

Bcos tresemay peace and love your government don’t care for it





The Levellers

Traipsing in the mud, an eerie mist of dawn, a sprig of rosemary in a capotain hat aching for thee to know our aim

For we are at war but our weapons could only be perhaps an axe, a pitch fork for whence the claim of our name of levelling thee hedgerow to the floor.

Our only weapons in real sense be the weapon of the word, the weapon of natural law, governing liberty to one and all.

And we got into trouble for not taking off our hats or kneeling before the Lords, but kneeling before the unelect, our words we’d rather crawl, spread across a peaceful land, bringing liberty t’ one and all.

Pamphleteering of The Moderate, alas afore too long, marginalised by those in power, perhaps through history hear our call.

I ain’t no rapper

Wahhhh, oh no,
I ain’t no rapper
cos unfortunately I’ve got me
st, st, stammer
and a wild, crazy, Midlands English grammer
My lyrics they fly at ya like a hammer,
Ptangyangkipperbang Northern glamour
and surreptitiously in the last lines really bit words I like to Cramm, ah
What I’ve got to say is locked up inside
like a treasure chest inside I hide
for I feat a world dangerous, corrupt
and then my wittering ends

Adriana Spalinky