Close referendum results

It’s important to know how voting works.
So, the referendum was close, very close.
in the 70’s it was relatively close.
So try it with your friends, ask a group of them, do you want to vote to abandon using microsoft products.
See what happens.
Shall we vote to leave facebook?
keep asking, see what type of answers you get.
It’s a big issue and not something concrete, sure I would vote to dump microsoft, I think they’re a pile of commercial shit, that has been foisted upon me, with no good reason, indeed it actually undermines my country and culture.
but many will see that microsoft is a big business and so if they join with the big business they feel they will get some benefit…
The biggest problem being that the vote is close, and therefore unclear, also when you ask questions, the way you ask, and the journey someone has to go on in order to reach an answer.
Do you fancy having chips tonight?
If you’ve had chips for over 30 years, chances are you might say, I fancy something other than chips!!!!!!!
Where’as if you’ve never had chips, apart from one time in a fancy restaurant, and then somebody asks;
Do you fancy chips tonight?
You are pretty likely to answer “Yes”!!!!!!!!
A small margin in a referendum vote is nothing but asking for trouble.
Please somebody re-write me and get this published, it’s a good valid point and written up well could make a serious impact.

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