Know that you are racists, anarchists and that you do not care for the opinions of 16/17 year olds.

Speaking to a seventeen year old, it is clear to me that they do not want to leave the European Union.

Given the statistics garnered from the referendum, which shows a clear and marked slide of opinion, with those younger generally being more in favour of the E.U, we cannot in all good conscience go ahead with leaving the E.U.

There has been dissent, disquiet from the country following the E.U Referendum.

There has been violence in the form of racist attacks, which if they stood alone would be upsetting enough, but after all the Polish have gone (The Polish community appear to have bourne the brunt of Racism, though other ethnic groups have suffered), who next? The Romanians, the Pakistanis, the Indians, then who next? Well, I voted to remain in the E.U, perhaps i will be the next target on the list.

This is not a country we can accept, this government (Cameron/May/Tory) is a failure.

A 52/48 split in the vote does not give a clear winner, 52/48 is a close split and given any set of alternate circumstances the result may have been very different, and we are talking, that if the Referendum had been held six months later, then that would have been a slew of newly 18 year olds, given the stats showing that younger people were more likley to vote remain that could have swung the result the other way. If we take out the racists then that makes the result less than 52% for leave. If we take out the anarchists who just wanted to vote against David Cameron and his failing government, that would have made the result less than 52%.


Hell, if it had been a warm sunny day that could have made a difference to a result this close.


We must not in all good conscience roll over and accept a misleading E.U referendum result.

If you want honesty, if you want the E.U referendum result to be respected then do that, and know that you are supporters of racism and anarchists. know, that you do not care for the wishes of 16 and 17 year olds. Know that you have no respect ot dignity.



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