Politics FAILED

We need a new government.
The tories set up the referendum, thier leader backed remain and LOST!
Sodd off telling us to accept the result, the tories need to accept the result. They lost. And on something this big, with a new leader that the public, that the business community arn’t pleased or impressed with, this calls for a general election.
And let me help you out with “OOh, we can’t have another referendum” “OOh we can’t challenge the referendum result”,
The mandate on which the tories were voted in has changed,
Teresa may can’t start up grammar schools.
Teresa may can’t be prime minister when the country didn’t vote her in.
teresa may can’t proceed with a version of brexit that business and the public don’t agree with.
The tories can’t start trying to implement racist policies akin to the nazi party.
Oh wait, what’s that, The tories can do anything they want? because….. because…..
(Wow, censored my own post 😉 )
One rule for some, another rule for others.
If we get a new government, that government will then decide what to do, and as for no’s and can’t, and ifs, and buts, sod off, it’s not as though that is how politics works.
On June the 23rd politics failed.
With the rise in hate crime, that is not a government being successful.
With the referendum result going against cameron, that was not the government being succesful.
Doctors electing to strike, that is not a successful government.
Business uncertainty, at a time when we are barley, if at all out of recession IS NOT SUCCESSFUL GOVERNMENT.
This government is a failed government.
Shout that as much as possible.

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