Gender identity and suicide

A link to a Gaurdian report about male suicide;

Number of suicides in UK increases, with male rate highest since 2001 | Society | The Guardian

In the 2016 film “Paddington”, Crossdressing by Paddington’s adoptive father “Mr.Brown” is explored.

There is a plot device, where Pattington and Mr.Brown need to gain access to a hall of records, and to this end Mr.Brown enters disguised as a cleaning lady.
A while after the escapade Paddington reveals that “Mr.Brown wore a dress”, Mr.Brown then goes on to correct the statement saying “It was more of a house coat”(I am trying really hard to remember the exact words but cannot be 100% sure, but hope you will accept as a close approximation if nothing else), he then goes on to say “It was very liberating actually”

An NHS page discussing Transgender health and wellbeing;

Mental wellbeing and trans people – Live Well – NHS Choices

This main quote;

“Transgender people are more likely to experience mental distress due to the social disapproval and discrimination that they encounter.”

I have to tell you, I don’t consider suicide too much, until I have to contemplate dealing with people in general, ie:- if the choice is between you or suicide, then suicide begins to look attractive.

I cannot tell you that all male suicides are gender identity related, but I can tell you that there are a great number of people born and tagged “male”, who just do not identify with that, though the reasons for “so called” crossdressing are many, and until we become more accepting we will not know nor understand those reasons clearly because of negative stigma forcing individuals to be closeted.

A point I would like to make also, there are transgendered individuals who are “Out and proud”, but from my experience I would guess that for every one out and proud individual there are likely to be at least ten indiviuals who remain closeted. I surmise this from having met Transgendered individuals, and from having taken part in “Transgendered centered” online social media.

I volunteered at my local”Pride” event and am sorry to report I found it of very little use from a transgendered point of view.

It was claimed after the event that there were facilities for changing and having help with make up; I never saw them.

As we stood welcoming people an elderly lady with her grandson approached. She asked “there won’t be men in skimpy lycra will there?”

Oh dear, bullied by the granny huh?

Yes, women bully, and how, they just won’t allow anybody with a penis any freedom, men wear trousers and top and they work to provide for their wife and kids. “Society, you make me feel sick, nauseous,

You cannot constantly bombard me with “You are free”, “you are lucky to live in a free world”, “you have white male privilege ”

yeah right, I have complete freedom to do anything “you” tell me I want to do.

You are disgustingly banal you blockade my freedom of expression and then tell me I’m lucky because I have freedom.

Girly boys just wanna have fun, girly boys just wanna have girly fun.

All I need is feedom to be myself, this is denied to me by state sponsered sexism, until we see #DressesForMen we do not have equality.


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