Do not speak on my behalf ever (So called “Trans communities”

I was going to post something, but oh no wait…. I forget, the bitch police are on patrol.

I do not need nor want your approval, nor your comments, nor your advice.

I will not have drongos walking around saying they speak for the trans community, and that the trans community is small, let me help you out there are a few trans people who have had mediocre success and then they feel free to laud it over anyone who thinks about uttering anything to do with trans, you are a small community, you are a small community of “Rise of the gay conservatives”, you are a small community of pompous stuck up your own backside know it alls, who fail to reach out and then blame your isolationist issues on anyone but yourself.

I am transgender, you have upset me, you are not my friends, you are my enemies.

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