Waiting for acceptance

Indefensible, and infantesimal
Hear me shout and hear me scream
Hear every decibel
Hear my poor heart ache
And then feel your safe ground quake
I’m in no mood to take
Any false offerings you make
Either treat me with respect, or ignore me
Either accept who I am, Or adore me
Don’t ridicule me
Professing who I am
Based on freedom?
your freedom is a sham
I make a mild stretch and I break your scam
I make a quiet calm move and you
Run round scared like chickens hearing a can hit by a spoon
You don’t own me, and you are not my mother
You don’t decide my garb
You don’t deny my freedom and then proclaim
I’m so lucky,
Because we wan the warr
Intranglingual elefanated wanderin
If accepted I will be ever more.

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