Love Haipney

Finding a half pence

let’s away to the shop, 

let’s go out and spend it

I would like to taste, 

one of your, fruit salad chews

I’ll just sit and chew

dreaming the whole day through

catching the dust specks through the sunlit window. 

playing with my cars, beach buggy, hovercraft, yellow dumper t truck

my Grandma has, plastic cups

but they’re so bright and sspotty

dream the day away

catching dust through the ssunlit window

smell the shake and vac

build a hut outside out’ve old bits of wood

yes I failed, but the endeavour felt good 

now I sit and I hold on to my thoughts 

like a cc com comfort blanket

rest me in my early morning reprieve 

specks of dust through a ssunlit wwindow

and as The Monkees say; Daydream believe 



what cars do women like.. . 

of course, with the advent of social media and with so many voices, I’ll be castigated for whatever I write. 

Also, I think that womanhood can be desperately varied. 
so what I write is purely personal and not wanting to pigeon hole women, neither would I want to pigeon hole men, but it is good we can discuss such things. 
When I helped out in childrenswear at work, standing as a transgender m2f, with a group of women amd they ask what car is good, there  is only 1 correct answer! but would my answer be the “correct  answer, in order to seal my solidarity with the womanhood? Well, I gave the answer with honesty, Audi, met with agreeable comments. 
Why would Audi be aWoman’s car? should the car be gendered by us in this way? 
Audi are engineers, so we feel that the car would be reliable. They’re economical. for me is the drive and Audi and Citroën can take the bends in the road, in a drag race maybe they lose out a little, but for handling they both punch above their weights. 
I guess they’re not “Womens Cars” per se, but they are preferred by women who appreciate cars, but feel underrepresented by the motorhead fraternity, which paints masculinity with power and lack of need for control of that power. 
good engineering and good car manafacture is a multi faceted design and need area, 
I don’t know if women can or should have a car preference but Audi and Citroën both offer something that motorheads seem happy to ignore. 
When young I liked cars, my fav toys wrre a magenta beach buggy with a flower on the bonnet & a tonka truck xx different cars do different jobs 🙂 

Anti anti democracy

Who cares if I frustrate, if you hate me or despise me.

Who cares if you throw insults attempting to deride me.

I’ve been on the outside for such a long time, having to live with societies pious trite crimes.

When I was eight you were threatening Star Wars, Had to wait for half a decade for a computer game “Balance of power”, to stave against you bores. In 83 you plunged us go-gaddedly into war, later on you were happy to denounce terrorists…. Oh but wait only those who disagreed your lore.

A woman prime minister promoting women as ogle material, you are supile vampiristic, decrepit overtures.

Food bank queues and arthritis in a fourteen year old whose parents couldn’t afford them new shoes, I was bullied for how others voted, for how others felt, I only accept the life lead a suffering governmental child abuse.

I do not accept you, you are not my friends, and through ignorance your ears you never would to me lend.

You are thick pig headed, purile sapphoristic, I could only hope, wish and pray to achieve radioactive verse to direct at you ballistic.

You Don’t even count my vote, you’re nasty repugnant misfits, imposing a way after life resulting in 76% of the population viewing you an afterthought, the most powerful people in the land are on dragons den the disgusting ignorant disprasic. Spivs. 

Free market is the cry, the cry of the free market; privateer, an excuse to ignore the populace, to invoke slavery via prerogative

Waste my money and then demand more, you are King John from the Tales of Robin hood, you are tales of depravity from days of yore.

I stand against you for all my days, for you would take what precious little we have and then raze, our country with fracking scars, our living standards, our humanity, you kick the disabled, you are depravity of the soul, insipidly unproductive hyperbole.

The Bad Apple

1993 Apple took Atari to court over OS similarities, lost, but bankrupted Atari in the process, Atari ST web browser CAB (Crystal Atari Browser) migrated to Mac and became “iCAB”, the first time for the “i” appearing before product.

Circa 2014 Apple take Samsung to court over OS similarities….. lost again I believe.

Apple were the original “Alt right”, they are not an ethically minded company, using Ireland to make components up, then moving on to Asian countries (Philippines I believe), and then BBC’s Panorama showing a factory where Apple products are being made, and a worker faints due to poor working conditions.

Can we not move on? Can we not “Take back control” Do we really need to pay homage to the Bad, the Bad and the Ugly of American commercialism, it seems we do, it would seem that brexiteer or remainers alike, The British people, who “Love their country so dearly”, who are so “Patriotic” feel it their duty to ignore and destroy anything British or successful.

I won’t visit iTunes, you can’t make me!

Important political policies A.K.A why I won’t vote Labour

Pubs and clubs need support, We need to encourage live entertainment, We need to make and support live entertainment venues. (I haven’t heard anything from Labour on this)

Support for LGBTQI, Really does it matter what the government thinks about this? Yes in a broad sense, but in a more specific sense there are now organisations ready to take on the mantle, Support organisations that support equality.

Proportional Representation; A system of government where we are not left to be bullied and belittled by the oafs and the oinks, the torys and the labour party. Fairer government NOW.


Support for renewables, a complete shift away from paying money to Russia for them to pipe gas over 4000 miles, and then we have a situation where Denmark sell renewable created electricity to us when they are producing a surplus. GET THE THICK HEADS out of government. If we put solar panels on every roof across Britain, what’s the worst that could happen? people save 20% on their fuel bills and so have more money to spend and so we have a healthier economy? The political class’s obstruction to renewable identifies them as delinquent.

Support for British innovation/talent. Brexiteers have none of this, the tory’s have none of this, Labour have none of this.

Raspberry Pi, now running RiSC OS, a British developed Operating system, last seen circa 1998, now put onto Raspi by popular request. The ARM cpu, a British innovation, in every mobile device on the planet, now ARM may leave British shores due to brexit!? Because Nobody cares about British. Rockstar, a computer games company in Scotland, made GTA, the biggest selling game in 2014, What recognition do we show? Not a lot. Media Molecule a successful games company in Guilford, and there are more, We have great artists and we need to support our successes. Harry Potter written by JK Rowling. We have writers, artists, we have a wealth of talent which our political system is oblivious too, rather than support our British talent the political system insists on ensuring that money flows away from our country via commercialism, via capitalism.

The torys support capitalism and inadvertently and through pig headed thickiness Labour too are capitalism’s best friend.

The Labour party are a party of the past, not because the core values are no longer applicable, but because the current Labour administration and the current labour party member only understand factory workers, shop workers. They are blinkered, work is more than labouring and factory work, the people who Labour “Could” have as voters are ignored by Labour.

Look at people like Michael Caine, Paul McCartney, Morrissey, coming out in support of brexit, because they have worked hard but all our country has done is to chase them away. They are bitter and looking for somebody to blame, but rather than recognise and blame our ignorant backwards thinking political class they choose to blame the EU. Rather than blame the mess of a commercial capitalist system that manufactured their escape from Britain’s tax greedy clutches.