Freedom and equality, freedom and equality, freedom and equality.

How many times I hear that.

How is it freedom that women get to wear dress, skirt or trousers, and yet for the most part men have to only wear trousers (My workplace has rules that state this amongst other sexist ideals)

How is it, that something so important, that women felt they need to fight forn the freedom to wear trousers and yet we can’t stretch ourselves to understanding when anybody born male would want to wear a dress?

Everyday, up and down the land, women go into shops, they go along to menswear, they start browsing trousers, and then the male shop assistants whisper and snigger and point, and stare, and then say “Look! She’s one of “Those””

What part of equality do we not understand?

Or maybe freedom and equality is a one way street that only women, and that is to say, only people born with a vagina are allowed to drive along.

Men are good enough to fight for freedom, but in truth men are seen just as mindless automaton. Good for fighting for women’s freedom, good for being the breadwinner for a family, good for “Driving the family car” as was suggested on a Horizon episode exploring gender differences.

I am dead, I was dead before I was born. When I was growing up and wanted to wear the pink pedal pushers like my older sister, that could not be allowed, and here we see a sneakiness that is revolting, I was not told that I couldn’t wear them, but it is made pretty damn clear that there is no precident for me to be able to wear such a thing, that girls get choice, but boys get told what they can wear. That same period, my mother came downstairs in brown trousers, my mother not the slimmest person, tummy bulge under the trousers at about my height, they were an ugly brown. Do I say anything? of course not, because I am not allowed to, not unless I say something positive. So let’s get this clear, it is important for people to be able to express themselves… at least women that is, boys and men need to be “Told” what they want, because boys and men cannot decide for themselves, because if women bully small boys, if women remove small boys from the process of taking responsibility, and if women show small boys that women are allowed, and nay, not only allowed but must be given as a right the freedom of choice in how to dress themselves, but boys are different and women can bully and tease boys and men, because men have no feelings? men are seen as purley automaton for women. Responsibility is removed from boys by mothers deciding their garb, by retail society deciding their garb, and then we hear time and time again “Girls mature quicker than boys”, jeez, try giving boys some responsibility, maybe you’ll raise better children.

Boys are denied a whole world of sensual experimentation, then boys experiment, but feel guilty when they get older.

The matriarchy in the country where I live is disgusting and every bit as responsible for the world we live in today.

When women start to take responsibility, then women will have a chance at equality.

currently I do not know any woman who wants equality. Women want to have their cake and eat it, and then to blame anyone but themselves for them being fat. (Caveats, I know some really great women who are indeed my most respected peers.)

We must have shops, on the high street, selling dresses for boys and men.


If it needs to be said, I virulently support womens freedom, and I support equality, I support the removing of tax from sanitary products, and signed the petition (I rarely sign petitions), I support womens rights, because it is the right thing to do.

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