Women do not enshrine equality.
As children are raised predominantly by the mother, as we are told that women take on the bulk of the care work, as women make it clear, girls can wear dresses, skirts, trousers, indeed girls must be shown respect.

Boys? Boys can do as they’re told and wear what they are told, there is no room for showing respect to boys,

Where do women want to go with this?

Women do not enshrine equality, indeed the opposite is true, women raise children with sexist values, they brainwash boys into believing that there is only one way to be a man, the way women demand that men be, then men play up to womens stereotype… perhaps a distorted, bullied childs view of the stereotype, then women point the finger giddly, ohh, men are so sexist, OF COURSE THEY FUCKING WELL ARE! YOU BRAINWASHED THEM!!!

Women need to grow up and take some responsibility, finger pointing and denying responsibility is not a mature way to behave, ergo, women are not more mature than men, women are just better at bullying than men are.

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