Justice is Served : Colston 4 NOT GUILTY verdict

cleo lake creativity

The ‘Colston 4’ did what needed to be done and their actions have significantly contributed to propelling an inter generational and international cause, presenting a substantial and symbolic marker towards the historic battle for justice concerning crimes committed against humanity through the Transatlantic Traffic of Enslaved Afrikans commonly referred to as the ‘slave trade’. As stated in the trial summing up : “Colston’s statue normalised abuse. It condoned the shrugging acceptance of racism. It celebrated the achievements of a racist mass murderer. The continued existence of that statue was a racist hate crime.”

Press conference after the Colston verdict: Left to right – Defendant Rhian Graham, former Lord Mayor Cleo Lake, lawyer Raj Chada, Bristol City councillor Christine Townsend and activist Jen Reid (Image: Geoff Bennett)

The focus now should continue to be on centering the descendants of the enslaved, better general information and education such as the Cargo Classroom

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