Leeds Grooviest Girl Band

Out of the Review

Lunar Sounds are a three piece alt rock/indie band hailing from Leeds, often getting compared to Sleater Kinney, The Raincoats and The Au Pairs.
On the 14th September they will be releasing their debut EP – The Void.

The EP is four tracks long, which is the perfect length. It gives you a nice amount to be introduced to the band and to their sound.

Track listing:
1) Out the Dark
2) The Getaway
3) D.E.Z
4) Timebomb

Even though they’ve recorded everything themselves (recording, mixed and mastering), sound wise the trio sounds very professional.

Out the Dark is a great start. An upbeat, fast tempo song. In a space of 2:33, the song features quite a bit. Yes it’s short, but sometimes shorter is better, and in this case it does job quite well.
The Getaway is the next track that follows. With guitars featured straightaway sounding rather relaxing…

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