ac dc (renewables)

AC versus DC, AC won out.

But in today’s world, do we need AC? Probably, not least of all because most electronics are set up to run from AC, even low power electronics usually have an adapter to enable them to be connected to AC.


So, wind power, solar power, it’s all good, and battery storage has improved, So what we need now is a revolution in availability, why not have all houses fitter with AC and with DC sockets.


I remember when home computers were first becoming affordable, and they would come with a power brick…. why? all that waste, all it did was take 240 volts and convert it down to 12 volts!


Well, people want to power laptops with DC, but batteries run out, and renewables have issues with reliability…. well, they did, but with a decent rechargeable battery, this is no longer the case.


We need to have every new property set up with AC, but also for DC sockets.

We have the technology, we need the political will.

Adriana Spalinky

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