Every person who ever was

And so every person is with me because

“every people bekizz bekizz because”

every person who loved who lived who lost

stand beside me because because they was

And so I’m a human, a monkey, ape you see

as flawed, and just as brilliant as any that you’ll see.

it’s time to open up the whole diverse panoply

we like punk rock,

new wave, junk rock

and when something new, someone concocts

“we’ll like that too”

And so, everyone is with me cos’ bcos

we all share the Humon existence

Cmos Cmos

I’m a human monkey ape girl all at sea 🌊

forever asking, we ask the question, what are we

we’re esoteric, and abstract monkey mods

we live we breathe, affect the world around us monkey mods

the human existence that unites us is a key

to helping peace ✌ and love 😍 and freedom, humanity.

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