psychology of a boy who’s a girl

wrote a blog, tricky one discussing girl/boy traits. 

But today I am transgender, but would I be tomorrow? 

Well, let’s extrapolate;

women fought for votes, women fought to wear trousers, women ate fighting for equal pay and equal opportunities. 
so, in a world where women go to work and men stay at home, caring for children and cleaning, beautifying themselves. 

Yes, that would be a somewhat comforting world, but then, I like car racing, wrestling, Roller Derby, I like watching women play sports. I like to imagine I’m the woman running fast and scoring goals. 

When I throw I throw like a girl, I don’t have the strength to win at shot put, but when I skim stones I do well, because my body is supine. 

At school P:E lessons were football and when a slim young boy that I was is faced with a 6 foot, muscular guy bearing down the pitch, well I just stood aside. 

I don’t mind if people think I’m a boy or a girl, I want to be me. I don’t identify with male roles presented by society, but I do identify with female roles. 
I can sew, knit, program a computer

I can clean, excercise, drive a car

explore space, make up my face

I can do all these things by following female role models;
Beth Healey, Izzy Lindqwister, Diana Junksista, Sabine Schmitz, Siobhan Reddy xx

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