Love Haipney

Finding a half pence

let’s away to the shop, 

let’s go out and spend it

I would like to taste, 

one of your, fruit salad chews

I’ll just sit and chew

dreaming the whole day through

catching the dust specks through the sunlit window. 

playing with my cars, beach buggy, hovercraft, yellow dumper t truck

my Grandma has, plastic cups

but they’re so bright and sspotty

dream the day away

catching dust through the ssunlit window

smell the shake and vac

build a hut outside out’ve old bits of wood

yes I failed, but the endeavour felt good 

now I sit and I hold on to my thoughts 

like a cc com comfort blanket

rest me in my early morning reprieve 

specks of dust through a ssunlit wwindow

and as The Monkees say; Daydream believe 


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