what cars do women like.. . 

of course, with the advent of social media and with so many voices, I’ll be castigated for whatever I write. 

Also, I think that womanhood can be desperately varied. 
so what I write is purely personal and not wanting to pigeon hole women, neither would I want to pigeon hole men, but it is good we can discuss such things. 
When I helped out in childrenswear at work, standing as a transgender m2f, with a group of women amd they ask what car is good, there  is only 1 correct answer! but would my answer be the “correct  answer, in order to seal my solidarity with the womanhood? Well, I gave the answer with honesty, Audi, met with agreeable comments. 
Why would Audi be aWoman’s car? should the car be gendered by us in this way? 
Audi are engineers, so we feel that the car would be reliable. They’re economical. for me is the drive and Audi and Citroën can take the bends in the road, in a drag race maybe they lose out a little, but for handling they both punch above their weights. 
I guess they’re not “Womens Cars” per se, but they are preferred by women who appreciate cars, but feel underrepresented by the motorhead fraternity, which paints masculinity with power and lack of need for control of that power. 
good engineering and good car manafacture is a multi faceted design and need area, 
I don’t know if women can or should have a car preference but Audi and Citroën both offer something that motorheads seem happy to ignore. 
When young I liked cars, my fav toys wrre a magenta beach buggy with a flower on the bonnet & a tonka truck xx different cars do different jobs 🙂 

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