The Bad Apple

1993 Apple took Atari to court over OS similarities, lost, but bankrupted Atari in the process, Atari ST web browser CAB (Crystal Atari Browser) migrated to Mac and became “iCAB”, the first time for the “i” appearing before product.

Circa 2014 Apple take Samsung to court over OS similarities….. lost again I believe.

Apple were the original “Alt right”, they are not an ethically minded company, using Ireland to make components up, then moving on to Asian countries (Philippines I believe), and then BBC’s Panorama showing a factory where Apple products are being made, and a worker faints due to poor working conditions.

Can we not move on? Can we not “Take back control” Do we really need to pay homage to the Bad, the Bad and the Ugly of American commercialism, it seems we do, it would seem that brexiteer or remainers alike, The British people, who “Love their country so dearly”, who are so “Patriotic” feel it their duty to ignore and destroy anything British or successful.

I won’t visit iTunes, you can’t make me!

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