Sweets 4 Sweeties

Sweets 4 Sweeties

I’m Looking up your number, I’m  looking up your sign

I’m Looking up your profile details, & checking your timeline

I want to have a party,

I want to have some fun

I’m looking for a sweetie

To make it go boom boom

Sweets for all the sweeties

Come and join the party

Your sweeite tush

Would be missed,

C’mon don’t be mardy

I’m finding out the details,

Of when it’s party time

I want a sweetie costume

I want you to design

I want you to address the room, wearing regal sweetie robes

I think you’re pretty wonderful, in all your sweetie clothes

Sweets for all the sweets

Come and join the party

Your sweetie JamBories

Feels me marvelous

And then I arrive, fully sweeitie clothed

Entering the door, pink sugar moon dust

A popping candy cannon boom explodes!

pink sugar Aquolina

Candy bracelet,


Drive me up to heaven in a dolly mixtured ford cortina

Sweets for all the sweeites

Come and join the party

Your sweetie tush would be missed

C’mon don’t be tardy, tardy tardy.

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