Who cares if you’re racist? Accept the result

If somebody is something they might not recognise that they are that thing.
All the leave voters protesting in ernest “I’m not racist”.

Well who cares if you are?

A policy which points the finger of blame at migrants is a racist policy. Whether you believe yourself to be racist or not is irrelevant.

There is no argument to be had until Leave voters respec the result of the referendum.

This means many things;

Accepting our unfair system, ie:- less than 24% of the country voted tory in 2015.
Tory’s guilty of corruption in order to win seats. 
Clear and obvious mis-truths, lies, mis-direction hoodwinking tactics were used to win the referendum.
Political assasination of a left wing politician by a right wing activist.
Right wing media bias/propaganda.

It’s all well and good to feel that because you shout louder that you will win the argument, but until you accept the result of the referendum, there can be no “Coming together”


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