Pollsters, the evil trolls from yesteryear are time travelling to the here and now and poisoning the present with their outmoded viewpoints.

Another poll, showing whatever the hell some jumped up twerp wants it to show.

lol, as if we could care less.

Nobody expected labour to win in 97. Nobody expected the snp to wipe out labour.
Nobody expected the vote for brexit(Including brexit voters)
Results since the referendum have been a fairly steady swing to the lib dems.
Polls show the tories way out ahead (My guess is not bias as such, it’s just that political commentators/pollsters are stuck in the past and only consider two demographics, tories and labour, this is worse than it sounds, because they clearly have a vested interest in “tory v labour”, the muddied waters of today’s politics doesn’t suit the pollsters, nor the political commentators)
The torys own private poll confirmed the 40% swing to the lib dems.
DON@T POST CRAP BUNK BECAUSE ALL YOUR DOING is making people feel like their vote isn’t worthwhile, at which point they won’t vote at which point your stupid stupid article will be proven “correct”,
ergo, and I am not being rude, ergo YOU are the biggest evil in this country.

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