There is no right, there is no wrong, there is only popular opinion

You’ll have to forgive me.

All manner of people with strong opinions on brexit, most of the vote leavers are rich and many don’t live in this country.

As with trans issues, and we get commentators from transgender history, richard O’brien for example.

But people say it how “They” see it, unfortunatley, like I mooted elsewhere I’ve seen a long history of “Bullying” being the norm.

What does it matter if the bullying is name calling, physical abuse, or financial bullying, allowing say a Pile of Shit software company such as microsoft to have market dominance.

To the matter in hand, who is to say who is trans?

but it’s a prickly thorny issue because bullying has been allowed, accepted, and even encouraged, including encouraged by the trans community itself.

Worst thing for trans is the being guilty until proven innocent.

when your a kid in the 80’s and rape is in the news and then if you are born male and you look at a woman the wrong way you are accused of mysoginy.

Most crimes are cultural in origin, so somebody who sees an opportunity to get by by robbing banks, and today we see identity theft is pretty modern and hip 😦 (Sour face)

We would need a society that encourages positive and responsible business practice (This IS NOT the case, this HAS NOT been the case for the past 35 years).

And for trans we need a society that encourages openess and supportiveness.

nobody is saying this will be a magic fix, there are people who will behave badly, truth is would be easier to pick out bad behaviour and to find a way to correct the behaviour.

In the 80’s and women had a fight for equal rights, which involved women being allowed to wear Dress, skirt, trousers, and anybody being male being allowed to wear…. err…. trousers.

So the male population grows up “Knowing” that there is inequality, they find it hard to reconcile in their (tiny infantile) brains, and you either accept freedom and equality, or you don’t and they know they have to say the words “Freedom, equality”, and yet in practice it just clearly is not the case.

Then richard o’brien decides that the world he grew up in is the “Normal” world, and so anybody crossdresseing must be seeking sexual thrills.

In the same way as when people are asked about their parents, who beat them, or abused them and often the children, now grown up go on to repeat the behavioural pattern, because for them it was “normalised” and so we see that within the culture we grew up in the bullying of anybody born with male sexual parts accepts the bullying of transgender issues.

I didn’t accept the world in 1981, I didn’t accept the world in 1991, I didn’t accept the world in 2001, in 2011, things began to change, I have seen a positivity that I have’nt seen for the the best part of my life so far.

Nobody is exempt now, ye olde femenists, left wing comics, right wing bigots, gay community representatives, who promoted selfishness and hedonism, trans people who hid in the world of drag (I have empathy for them).

I can beat myself up too… if it’d do any good phrtttt haha.

Best thing nowadays, I can see us getting a voice, so keep talking.

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