What really bugs me about “The transgender community”

I’m transgender.

some things happen within the transgender world and I do not feel any need to be part of them.

“I had to grow some balls to go out dressed”

I get what’s being said, I get the bravery, I get the allure of the commando statementing.

We are not going to help young people, shy people, who want to come out as transgender, it is not a nurturing statement.

“The Transgender community is a small community”

Where do I even begin with this….

“We” have no idea how widespread Transgender is, IT IS HIDDEN.

Ok, so I get it, “The Transgender community”, the ones that had to grow some balls, the ones that sycophant to cisgender by playing stereotypes of “Womanhood” that they have seen. The ones who are real trans women because they have sex a lot and as we all know all women have sex a lot(Please let us know women through something other than male sexual fantasy)

So in recent years trans has become more acceptable and we’ve had a 4 fold increase, likely more of gender clinic referrals, this is because?

A) The transgender community is a small community
B) Transgender is more widespread than people imagine

If Transgender is more widespread than people imagine, then why has it taken so long for people to come out as transgender? Surely anybody transgender would seek out a transgender community and befriend them? Or maybe “The Transgender community” is just a bunch of small minded pompous self entitling loud mouth, “I grew some balls”, self righteous uncaring, unsympathetic ne’r do wells.

FFS Think before you open you mouth.

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