Where are all the young people?

Mermaids and Sirens

We keep saying “it’s our future” yet we don’t go to the protests

Recently, my parents attended a talk, ‘Brexit – What’s next?‘, hosted by Leeds for Europe (my mum’s summary can be found on their page here and on Facebook and is worth a read for inspiration to keep protesting against “Brexit”). My parents’ only complaint was the distinct lack of students – in Leeds! You physically can’t move for the number of students in Leeds and yet the talk was packed full of middle aged to older (the people who supposedly “screwed over the younger generations”) people. I know not everyone can go, I couldn’t, but it’s more than just one meeting. I’m part of Facebook groups which are anti-“Brexit” and they are primarily made up of middle aged adults. When I helped organise ‘One Day Without Us Leeds‘, I was the only student…

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