Me, Myself and guns

As a child, I was identified as a boy. I’m sorry to say that I did not have the strength of character, nor knowledge nor support to counter that claim.
I remember an early toy of a robot that would walk/wheel (It has small wheels under it’s feet), then it would stop, it’s chest would open and 3 orange gun barrels full of light and sound would fire. I actually quite liked it, only in later life considering the underlying message it held of a future world where robots would be….  security tools?
Then I remember 1983, and via John Craven’s Newsround they announced that Britain was at ar with Argentina over the Falkland islands. I whipped upstairs and got my toy assault rifle 😦 and called out “I’ll protect you”. I quickly reflected and felt that something horrible had happened to me.
I played with toy soldiers with a friend… I think hide and seek with them was our actual favourite game.
I got 3 Star Wars figures one Christmas and my friend got jealous and his Mum bought him a space ship and figures. I enjoyed collecting Star Wars figures, the elaborate costumes and individuality of the characters; I also enjoyed knitting skirts for the Storm Troopers, because I knew from the Battle for “Hoth”, the Icy snowy planet, that they must get really cold.
I liked Light Sabers, I think, because they are just torches and I have quite a panchant for torches, and coloured light patterns.
I suggested to a friend, who likes the shooting games via Playstation, that they could make an Hallucinogenic bullet, that would cause people to hallucinate.
I made sme designs for guns, the one I made for “Junksista” (Musical group), has settings to stop time, aloowing the gun holder to walk around whilst others remains static.
If I were to have a gun, it’s have a yellow trumpet, it would make a fun sound, a rising note flourish, and it would produce pretty colours and lights.
A favourite video/music of mine is “Sattelite of love” by Lou Reed, covered by “Dab Hands”, the video is cartoon, with US & Soviet imagery/characters, but then a sattelite beaming down a ray, which suddenly make flowers grow in it’s wake and then the characters all start to get along 🙂
This was beautiful anecdote to me as I remember Ronald Reagan talking about a “Star Wars” laser defence system.

I’m not a big fan of guns, but it you are born and identified as a boy, chances are you’ll have guns foisted upon you, the clear implication being that you were born to use guns to fight to get what you want.

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