We need to talk about momentum, but no, not the Labour party road trip where labour voters are off trying to find themselves (Sorry, yes completely accept that is a rude and harsh reading of the situation)

but more so, I lived through the 80’s, barley, I wasn’t able to vote until 1990 and this country has nothing but hate and bile from me for what thatcher put me through, there is no forgiveness towards the tories and I’ve hated britain ever since.

but not what we’re discussing here, more that when the power swings from left to right, from right to left. In the late 80’s the newspapers were the new tool they were the “Social media” of the day and the torys used popularisim, they used the newspapers to denigrate the left.

Today the tories and thier right arm (ukips) have jumped on social media, and a word to the wise here, you know “They” have no argument when they resort to memes, they don’t have an argument that works, so they need to use that tool that strikes psychologically at the heart of the viewer, they dare not go in depth, because their argument will fail and so they rely on memes, they are desperately unfortunate and if you use them you cheapen yourself.

So the right wing have snatched power, they don’t have a convincing lead (Ignore the polls they are misleading at best, but either way they are used by the right wing as propaganda), I would like to imagine that now is the moment for opposition to get some momentum, to make politics swing away from facist dictatorship, (Not by being a left wing dictator like Corbyn (Well if you sack 80% of your cabinet I would say that is pretty good evidence you are a dictator)

And here I lose the will to live, I just don’t have confidence in the british public.

(As ever mis-spelling is a tool to prevent search engines locking onto my comments and hijacking them for their own perverted agenda)

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