Of course both sides can be right, (As in correct)

Of course both sides can be “Right”, as in correct. Before the referendum, just politically, I thought it would be a good idea for the UK to build better ties/relations/trading with Japan,with Australia, with India, with any progressive country, that can see the rise of China, but who do not want to live through Chinese imperialism.
The EU really should make more of being aware of world issues as such, an EU that drags it’s heels and allows other economic trading blocs to dictate is not an EU built for future success.
The problem with the leave campaign is manyfold.
Based on lies.
Imagines that economic trading blocs such as USA, Russia, Asia, it seems to just imagine these don’t exist, so a general ignorance of world affairs.
Then we have to face facts, we have a right wing tory party who have now lurched to the far right, did all the left wing brexiteers vote for that!? (By proxy they did)
We have political assassination and racism in the wake of the brexit campaign, brexiteers refuse to take responsibility, they sided with the right wing, with the facists, with the racists, with the anarchists (There are many who voted leave to destabilise the government)
People have to pick their side, I don’t know what else to say, but there are always two sides to the story, especially with a referendum result of 52%/48%

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