Fuck the uk

Fuck Lord kitchener. 

I enjoyed too much going to school and getting punched and kicked and “told”  that I’m gay. 

Fuck the UK and it’s bully boy culture.  Fuck the tories and fuck all leave voters. 

And FYI,  I have learnt 10 times more outside of British “schooling”, as opposed to my “so called”  education. 

Fuck this country and fuck the feminists who must be allowed to wear trousers,  and men wearing dresses?  Well,  don’t worry,  because feminism has fuck all to do with equality,  and anyway middle aged women can always go and see a drag act and phwar phwar phwar,  it’s a man in a dress,  because laughing at a woman in trousers is “wrong”,  but laughing at a man in a dress is hunky dory. 

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