Accept the result,  if only vote leave would. 

Following the Referendum vote,  we hear accept the result…  We do,  if only vote leave would. 

Respecting vote leave requires us to accept certain realities,  realities that vote leave refuse to accept. 
350 million pounds a week for the NHS…  Well,  vote leave say they never made that specific claim,  but surely they intended some money to go into the NHS,  apparently not,  they only talk of more cuts.  

The rise of racism,  vote leave has stoked this hornets nest,  but now refuse to take responsibility,  they don’t say,  “this is unfortunate and wrong” they just get defensive denying it has anything to do with them,  we’ll then,  take away 2% (probably more)  of the vote,  suddenly vote leave'”Clear” victory looks a lot less clear. 

Political assassination. A right wing activist murdered a left wing politician….  “if”  Thomas Mair” was a random madman,  then I suggest Brexiteers are mad people too. 

People voted against Cameron,  people took the opportunity to embarrass the government,  they became political anarchists,  respecting the leave vote means respecting anarchy.  This now backed up by Lib Democrats by election victories,  Sunderland the most Stark.  Sunderland voted for Brexit,  Sunderland voted for a pro remain party.  The Referendum result a pure nonsense. 

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