She wore the trousers and he wore the dress

She wore the trousers and he wore the dress

and despite them being happy, clearly others were not impressed

and they loved and they laughed, giggled in the bath

enjoyed their culture, Wonderstuff bluster Faerground fluster

agreeing with Caroline speaking against Philip Davies’ filibuster

When all is said and done, we’re all individuals, we’re all one

When Nicky morgan can wear a red t-shirt to the house of commons

but Male mp’s must be fully booted and suited

a literal redressing is called for

women will never gain equality whilst they support gender seperation

and whence there’s a bloke in a dress they guffaw


Me, Myself and guns

As a child, I was identified as a boy. I’m sorry to say that I did not have the strength of character, nor knowledge nor support to counter that claim.
I remember an early toy of a robot that would walk/wheel (It has small wheels under it’s feet), then it would stop, it’s chest would open and 3 orange gun barrels full of light and sound would fire. I actually quite liked it, only in later life considering the underlying message it held of a future world where robots would be….  security tools?
Then I remember 1983, and via John Craven’s Newsround they announced that Britain was at ar with Argentina over the Falkland islands. I whipped upstairs and got my toy assault rifle 😦 and called out “I’ll protect you”. I quickly reflected and felt that something horrible had happened to me.
I played with toy soldiers with a friend… I think hide and seek with them was our actual favourite game.
I got 3 Star Wars figures one Christmas and my friend got jealous and his Mum bought him a space ship and figures. I enjoyed collecting Star Wars figures, the elaborate costumes and individuality of the characters; I also enjoyed knitting skirts for the Storm Troopers, because I knew from the Battle for “Hoth”, the Icy snowy planet, that they must get really cold.
I liked Light Sabers, I think, because they are just torches and I have quite a panchant for torches, and coloured light patterns.
I suggested to a friend, who likes the shooting games via Playstation, that they could make an Hallucinogenic bullet, that would cause people to hallucinate.
I made sme designs for guns, the one I made for “Junksista” (Musical group), has settings to stop time, aloowing the gun holder to walk around whilst others remains static.
If I were to have a gun, it’s have a yellow trumpet, it would make a fun sound, a rising note flourish, and it would produce pretty colours and lights.
A favourite video/music of mine is “Sattelite of love” by Lou Reed, covered by “Dab Hands”, the video is cartoon, with US & Soviet imagery/characters, but then a sattelite beaming down a ray, which suddenly make flowers grow in it’s wake and then the characters all start to get along 🙂
This was beautiful anecdote to me as I remember Ronald Reagan talking about a “Star Wars” laser defence system.

I’m not a big fan of guns, but it you are born and identified as a boy, chances are you’ll have guns foisted upon you, the clear implication being that you were born to use guns to fight to get what you want.

How to get more Girls interested in STEM

First off “Welcome Guys and girls” Notice the common introductory phrase?  Well maybe it’s a bit old fashioned now, but let’s look at it. Guys-ie:-men or boys striving to be men. Girls- girls or women behaving in a frivolous manner.

I bang my head against a brick wall with this issue.

My best idea is “Hospital Rescue” A MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online game.

In this game we start as a cleaner, then we can career progress, receptionist, nurse, psychiatrist, Doctor, Surgeon, Paramedic.

In this game we need to follow puzzling symptoms to arrive at suitable treatment for the patient. In this game we get to use the “Paddles” to restart people’s hearts! In this game their is a field around the hospital which prevents guns from working, this field is also available to surround the ambulances. In this game we can franchise, we can go into Call of duty and start rescuing people! indeed and shooting game, we can hijack, Hospital Rescue can come along.

In this game their is equal range to play as a female or male character, with possibilities to cross dress.



Moreover I don’t think that sexism is a one way street.

When said “Walk a mile in my shoes”, so a man puts on a pair of women’s shoes and then women ridicule him.

If we don’t allow men to walk a mile in our shoes, that man will not know how we feel.


Ok, so what has letting men/boys crossdress got to do with getting girls into STEM?

Ok, there is only one solution, a national cross dressing day.


If men get some idea of how women feel, then men are likely to be more sympathetic. If society is forced to accept a gender spectrum as opposed to a gender binary then society will come round to accepting girls as being more than just sex objects, which is what this is all about, our current society promotes being female as being a sex object. (When we say sex object, this may not initially or immediately mean an object to have sex with, but rather than any sexual concept can only be linked to having sex with that particular object, the object being the woman’s body, which in truth the woman should and needs to have control over).

Women are every bit as sexist as men, they separate the sexes, categorise and treat them differently.

In 1982 My Mum came downstairs wearing trousers. They were ugly brown nylon (I’m actually guessing the material), my Mum was somewhat overweight, she hadn’t worn trousers before, it was pretty clear that I was supposed to behave positively, as she sat on the sofa, her ugly brown trousers, stretched tight over her bulging crotch and tummy, I wanted to wear Pink pedal pushers (Trousers that are quite short, a little shorter than ankle grazers perhaps).

It was pretty clear that I had to show respect my mum’s choice, but that my choice would be considered a joke.


Back then, feminism was not wholly about equality.


We need to talk about momentum, but no, not the Labour party road trip where labour voters are off trying to find themselves (Sorry, yes completely accept that is a rude and harsh reading of the situation)

but more so, I lived through the 80’s, barley, I wasn’t able to vote until 1990 and this country has nothing but hate and bile from me for what thatcher put me through, there is no forgiveness towards the tories and I’ve hated britain ever since.

but not what we’re discussing here, more that when the power swings from left to right, from right to left. In the late 80’s the newspapers were the new tool they were the “Social media” of the day and the torys used popularisim, they used the newspapers to denigrate the left.

Today the tories and thier right arm (ukips) have jumped on social media, and a word to the wise here, you know “They” have no argument when they resort to memes, they don’t have an argument that works, so they need to use that tool that strikes psychologically at the heart of the viewer, they dare not go in depth, because their argument will fail and so they rely on memes, they are desperately unfortunate and if you use them you cheapen yourself.

So the right wing have snatched power, they don’t have a convincing lead (Ignore the polls they are misleading at best, but either way they are used by the right wing as propaganda), I would like to imagine that now is the moment for opposition to get some momentum, to make politics swing away from facist dictatorship, (Not by being a left wing dictator like Corbyn (Well if you sack 80% of your cabinet I would say that is pretty good evidence you are a dictator)

And here I lose the will to live, I just don’t have confidence in the british public.

(As ever mis-spelling is a tool to prevent search engines locking onto my comments and hijacking them for their own perverted agenda)

Twitter isn’t representative

Since the referendum there have been by-elections.


Tories have lost seats.

Ukip have lost seats.

Labour have lost seats.

Lib Dems have gained seats.


The polls say The tories are doing quite well and Lib dems are generally no change (1 or 2 points up or down generally at most, (I think there was 1 poll which showed a 4 point increase for Lib Dems)


Somebody is not representative. Polls are not representative.