Conflicting unclear results

Truth is, it was a rude question, truth us, it was unfair the way Sarah was questioned, but in actuality it was completely the right and correct question, but it is hardly a question for Sarah to answer…. except to say the question needs answering and the question is very clear, unlike the referendum.
How can we have results that contradict?
Sarah made no secret of how she felt about triggering article 50, about her policies around Brexit, and yet, with the “Clear mandate from the people” (According to the happy gadder teresa may), how can people deliver such a clear mandate and then contradict that mandate?
The referendum result was far from clear, the referendum was bad politics, a political game between two etonians, a game played out using divisive campaigning.
The only person who could square this circle was bungle bops himself Boris Johnson who after the referendum suggested that we all join together, when he’d been campaigning to tear the country apart.
The question is valid, but it’s not Sarah who has to answer the question, it is the morons who set up the referendum and the right wing media that helped to propagate lies.

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