What I would like from the BBC

I would like the BBC to keep an open mind regarding politics.

Until Article 50 is triggered, it is not a forgone conclusion that we will leave the EU, even after Article 50 is triggered there is still a chance to change our minds.


Before the referendum The MP Jo Cox was murdered. This was a political murder by a right wing activist. I need the BBC to acknowledge the truth of this, to say that it was a political assassination committed by a right wing activist.


Race hate crime has increased and this appears linked to the referendum. The BBC needs to recognise this.

We don’t mind respecting the result, but in doing so we need to recognise the racist element of the result. If the BBC thinks that accepting the result means accepting racism this is a very dark alley for it to go down.

Currently, the positive spin put on Brexit by the BBC is an acceptance of racism.

The BBC needs to recognise that the public were mislead. That the leave campaign used misleading claims, the most stark of these the Bus with “Let’s give our NHS 350 Million a week”. Prominent Leave MP’s photographed with this bus in the picture sent a message to the public that our NHS would get funding, in the range of hundreds of millions of pounds per week, that investment promise shows no sign of materialisation.

Vote leave MP’s purposefully mislead the public. It would have been an easy task for them to have made clear that they had little if any intention of funding the NHS via money saved by exiting the EU, and if they did intend for the NHS to see investment from the money saved by exiting the EU then now is the time to “Show us the money”, to make clear how much and where from, the NHS needs the money.



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