Controlling the narrative

Controlling the narrative.

Like fox news saying farage is an mp.

But then the left need to get clever and to control the narrative.

so the right wing and the brexiteers say… oh we shouldn’t have another referendum…

Well, I say we should, and then some, if they love referendum so much then let’s have referendums all the time, on everything.

Oh but they don’t want another referendum… why? because they might lose? Oh they don’t think it’s good to have another referendum… they don’t think it’s good to have another referendum “BECAUSE THEY WON” and they might not win if they have another referendum.

So then we have to say that the referendum was a bad idea and we cannot accept the result as it wasn’t clear cut, 52/48% is no clear victory.

But what about all the people who will be upset? if we overturn the referendum result.

Well, we’re not overturning the referendum result, we’re merely annulling the referendum result… but why are we annulling the referendum result?

Because the referendum result has done nothing if not divide the country… important that bit, on June the 23rd, politics failed, good politics bring people together, they make a nation stronger, the referendum result has exposed fears, anxieties, it has seen a rise in violence, it has divided the country. it has thrown the business market into uncertainty.

Then we have to look at the issues raised by the referendum, so the referendum won’t have been in vain, we can get something from it….. but more so the place where referendum belongs, “A Glorified Opinion Poll”

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