donald trumps secret code

donald trump wore a baseball cap on the last day, this was a cunning ploy, it shows solidarity with “Get on with it workers”, normal people who believe they need to keep their heads down and go to work and everything might be ok.
For the left wing, for the social parties to stand any chance they need to get smart, to know the campaigning tricks.
unfortunatley the public are corruptable and through companies, microsoft, google, apple, through tv, kardashittians etc, through computer games, gta and other assorted bleargh, the public are conditioned by a narrative that says that although it’d be nice to be generous to fellow humans, in actual fact “Reality” (oh yes it is psuedo reality) is that we need to be cold hard businessmen…. wait, what? business “Men” yep, you heard it, white middle class business men control the narrative.
We need to set up alternative facebook, a social media with left wing biass to balance out the current trend.
Facebook is the evil empire.

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