You stole my country a long long time ago

In 1982, the news was on, we were at war with Argentina. Margerate Thatcher as pm.

around that time Reagan announces that America will put lasers in space to shoot the Russians if the Russians start hostilities. (I was so pleased and proud when in 2014 ESA (European Space Agency) announced it used lasers in space to send a message further and faster than ever before)

Some people remember the 80’s fondly, My Dad was made redundant, our family had very little money, my shoes broke and I got arthritis in my foot. I stood with my Dad in the queue to get food handouts from the food bank. I left school and was “Offered” a bricklaying course……. at school I’d got A* in typing and had done well in Computers, after school I was “Offered” (No choice) a bricklaying course.

The Sun newspaper was in our house, my Father wanted to win the bingo, but it was so embarrassing the page 3 thing and just the general tone…..


Is Margaret Thatcher a feminist in any way shape or form? if you’re born with a penis you can do bricklaying… or computers if you’re family has enough money to support you getting in to computing. Page 3, encouraging society to view women as sex objects.


Margaret Thatcher was in no way a feminist. (Society wasn’t either, when I was 9 years old my mother came downstairs in trousers, this was something new and it was clear that we should be supportive…. so I had to sit, with my mother somewhat overweight, trousers stretched over her crotch at my eye level… I wanted to wear pink pedal pushers like my older sister had….


Feminism and equality were very clearly a one way street and only people born with a vagina are allowed on that street, one rule for gender fascist women and another for any boys who don’t identify “as WOMEN believe they should”


In 1989 I stopped reading the Sun newspaper, I’d never bought it anyway.


in 1997 I stopped reading the Mirror newspaper.

In 2000 I stopped watching BBc “News”

In 2004 I stopped reading The Independent newspaper.

In 2006 I stopped using ebay (It was now full of pirates, commercial companies and ner’do’wells.)


in 2010 I stopped using Facebook.

2014 I think I rejoined Facebook….. my favourite social media, imeem which had “The Wall” like facebook went under in the financial crash, so in this modern world of commercialism that promises freedom and choice I had to choose what I was told I should choose…..


In 2016 I bought the New European, it had an article by Bonnie Greer 🙂 It was the first newspaper I’d bought in 12 years.


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