EU Referendum was/is Bad politics

What if we can show brexit to be bad politics.

So, should 16/17 year olds be allowed to vote… Well, who can say,but then, what if they did vote, but it didn’t alter the outcome per-se,

We all know the skew of age contained within the eu referendum result, then if we ask 16 and 17 year olds to vote, if their vote contradicts that of the nation, then brexit must be cancelled.

So they act a bit like the house of lords, and whilst their vote doesn’t change the result in actuality, if we think that a very high proportion of 16 and 17 year olds want to stay in the eu then we must show some repect to that, and the 52%/48% is way too close a result, because if the results show us that younger people voted to stay in, then are we seriously suggesting that if we held the referendum 6 months later, because of all the new voters who’ve just turned 18 the result would have been different.

We really need to show that the EU referendum was bad politics.

Then we can also think about the citizen test, and then to vote upon the issue of Europe people need to take a Geopolitics test, because if they don’t have a reasonable grasp of global politics how can we allow them to vote on global politics, and it is clear that voting on the EU is involving Geopolitics.

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