imaginary pubs

You know it’s really mad out here,
and I dream of drinking beer
With a man who has no name
He appears when you’re not here
and we play computer games
and he’s a dear
and then he offers me to join him in a drunk refrain
I stumble, an argument, in the restrooms
a fight a rumble
I stumble
through a staged up tent, marquee
where a man’s set up a viewing device to see,
penumbral lunar eclipse
don’t mind me, as I stumble through
and then my partner, suddenly in view
all over, all normal there’s no drama
until next time
and I’ll see
the hazy mirage of a pub that cannot be
an old building that seems to be, neither there nor here, but for me, I enter and have good times
I’m a secret lemonade drinker xx

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