Referendum honesty

But honesty is the key, what did people vote for, some voted to leave Europe, some voted to make non “English”( well, give me a break I have no idea who their targets really are, whenever they meet a migrant they say “oh, we don’t mean you”, and egads, I know migrants who want to stop migrants they are all just complete nonsense…), some voted against the government, many just straight against Cameron, then those who voted to give the nhs 350 million….,

Then again, maybe we needed a referendum on wether to go to war in Iraq…. or Syria…. hell, we need a referendum on referendums.

Ends up a nonsense at the end of it.

What’s done is done, but!

I am asked to respect those who voted through ignorance and worse, have what you want, do what you want, but don’t expect to get any respect from me.

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