3 Wishes

Some undisclosed northern town, in country side setting. A day of tourist visiting for Adam, his wife, Meena and thier 8 year old son, Roby.

Meena is looking in the shops, Adam is listless and the pair split company with Roby staying with Meena.

Adam meets Tony, an old friend he hasn’t seen for a while and the pair head off together chatting, they go to a session being held on an open air stage all to do with old gaming and they both enjoy playing the games, after about half an hour they head off and find a pub, the pub looks somewhat misplaced, it is in a somewhat Victorian looking build, fairly small, the reason it seems so misplaced is the modern buildings either side, office building s to the left, and modern shops to the right. They chat with the bar lady, they compliment the bar, saying that it’s blessed relief to escape the trappings of modern commercialism and to hide away in this most moody of haunts. the landlady talks saying that the success of the pub is the very fact that they have pointed out, the need for escapism, the juxtaposition that works because the pub fits in neither here, nor there, but then when people visit a pub often that is exactly what they want.














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