I guess, the first thing is, do I want you to like me, or maybe that’s the second thing, or maybe this is the communication barrier that exists.

I have been going to work dressed in “Women’s clothes”( because for men to say trousers are only for men is sexist but for women tO say dresses and skirts are only for women is in no way sexist whatsoever), I get mainly favourable responses.

I guess I don’t stand on heirs and graces…. whilst working in Childrens shoes, helping out to tidy, two fantastic kids started helping me tidy!, then I went to sit down on a foot measuring stand, it was low, I am pretty tall, I misjudged it and rolled on my back! The childrens Mother called over to ask if I was O.k. It is this kind of response that lead me to feel more relaxed, that I’m not treated like some monster from the black lagoon, come to prey on poor weak innocent women and children, and breathe………

The upshot being that part of my charm as a Transgendered individual is that I come accross as non threatening.

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