She went sailing down t’Cinchasa

She went sailing down the big river,
She was mesmerised and perturbed
Around her waist, she wore cinchasa


EU Referendum was/is Bad politics

What if we can show brexit to be bad politics.

So, should 16/17 year olds be allowed to vote… Well, who can say,but then, what if they did vote, but it didn’t alter the outcome per-se,

We all know the skew of age contained within the eu referendum result, then if we ask 16 and 17 year olds to vote, if their vote contradicts that of the nation, then brexit must be cancelled.

So they act a bit like the house of lords, and whilst their vote doesn’t change the result in actuality, if we think that a very high proportion of 16 and 17 year olds want to stay in the eu then we must show some repect to that, and the 52%/48% is way too close a result, because if the results show us that younger people voted to stay in, then are we seriously suggesting that if we held the referendum 6 months later, because of all the new voters who’ve just turned 18 the result would have been different.

We really need to show that the EU referendum was bad politics.

Then we can also think about the citizen test, and then to vote upon the issue of Europe people need to take a Geopolitics test, because if they don’t have a reasonable grasp of global politics how can we allow them to vote on global politics, and it is clear that voting on the EU is involving Geopolitics.

imaginary pubs

You know it’s really mad out here,
and I dream of drinking beer
With a man who has no name
He appears when you’re not here
and we play computer games
and he’s a dear
and then he offers me to join him in a drunk refrain
I stumble, an argument, in the restrooms
a fight a rumble
I stumble
through a staged up tent, marquee
where a man’s set up a viewing device to see,
penumbral lunar eclipse
don’t mind me, as I stumble through
and then my partner, suddenly in view
all over, all normal there’s no drama
until next time
and I’ll see
the hazy mirage of a pub that cannot be
an old building that seems to be, neither there nor here, but for me, I enter and have good times
I’m a secret lemonade drinker xx

Referendum honesty

But honesty is the key, what did people vote for, some voted to leave Europe, some voted to make non “English”( well, give me a break I have no idea who their targets really are, whenever they meet a migrant they say “oh, we don’t mean you”, and egads, I know migrants who want to stop migrants they are all just complete nonsense…), some voted against the government, many just straight against Cameron, then those who voted to give the nhs 350 million….,

Then again, maybe we needed a referendum on wether to go to war in Iraq…. or Syria…. hell, we need a referendum on referendums.

Ends up a nonsense at the end of it.

What’s done is done, but!

I am asked to respect those who voted through ignorance and worse, have what you want, do what you want, but don’t expect to get any respect from me.


The year is 2118, in the early 21st century men had created pleasure droids, giving them female characteristics, but something went wrong, or right depending on your point of view, the pleasure droids became sentient, they rebelled, they herded men, tough macho men didn’t last long as they were primary targets.

3 Wishes

Some undisclosed northern town, in country side setting. A day of tourist visiting for Adam, his wife, Meena and thier 8 year old son, Roby.

Meena is looking in the shops, Adam is listless and the pair split company with Roby staying with Meena.

Adam meets Tony, an old friend he hasn’t seen for a while and the pair head off together chatting, they go to a session being held on an open air stage all to do with old gaming and they both enjoy playing the games, after about half an hour they head off and find a pub, the pub looks somewhat misplaced, it is in a somewhat Victorian looking build, fairly small, the reason it seems so misplaced is the modern buildings either side, office building s to the left, and modern shops to the right. They chat with the bar lady, they compliment the bar, saying that it’s blessed relief to escape the trappings of modern commercialism and to hide away in this most moody of haunts. the landlady talks saying that the success of the pub is the very fact that they have pointed out, the need for escapism, the juxtaposition that works because the pub fits in neither here, nor there, but then when people visit a pub often that is exactly what they want.














It is time to disband the BBc

The BBc is a corporation to provide as far as possible bias free media.

The BBc has now failed to do this on a number of occassions.

We can only speculate as to the reasons behind this.

Needless to say their is an ugly right wing bias within the corporation at this time and it must be prevented.

The other day, 14th Sept 2016 If memory serves, BBc daily politics used footage fro Sky tv of the Labour leadership debate!  When the BBc cowtails to Sky tv we are in big trouble.

During the Doctors strike the Daily politics had senior Tory figures on 3 days in a row, they were all told, the experts didn’t agree with the government, the public didn’t agree with the government and junior doctors certainly didn’t agree with the government each and every time the senior Tory dismissed the groups saying that they know better, the government believes it knows better than doctors, the public and experts, what a sad flaccid joke they are, but the joke is on the BBc who give air time to these figures who’s only purpose is to argue against the people who rely and wish to trust the BBc.

The murder of Jo Cox was washed over by the BBc, played down as a random act by a fanatic, but the man involved was part of a white wing extremist group, this was glossed over, and yet we wonder how many of the group would vote ukip, we wonder if messages are being sent to these groups by ukip members, by tory members, this way ukip and the tories get the murder they wish, but absolve themselves from blame and yet they bear some guilt by proxy, as does the BBc.

Racist crimes have increased, following militant speaking right wing mp’s being given more airtime through media, for example the BBc.

It is time to seperate the government and the BBc.

Why do we pay our license fee? It is extortion in order for the government to fund its propaganda machine the BBc.

We need a new BBc, funded through crowdsourcing.