Sensuality, sensitivity

Boys get locked out of a world, well, lets say worlds, because although many would like to think of these worlds as being inextricably linked, truth is, these worlds can be seperated, as well as merged. These worlds are; sensitivity, sensuality and femininity.

And here we suddenly see a hidden world of control, a world that is largely controlled by women, in the same way as the worlds of accepted male traits, strength, power, and cold decision making.

Wah, lets look at Star Trek. Spock, a Vulcan, cold decision maker…. any female Vulcans? yes, but they have their logic challenged, MORE READILY. If we see 7 of 9, a character assimilated by the Borg when she was young, but can they now rescue her, rescue her sensuality, well of course they can because she is a girl, in a Next Generation episode, a character called Hue, Geordie attempts to rescue him, but lo and behold, Hue cannot be rescued, for Hue is male, and Hue takes the tough brave decision to do what is right for all concerned.

Fuck Hollywood is death and misery and overt sexism.

I am too angry and upset to write more now.

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