A weird and unusual idea, wanting people to read what I write…

I like intelligent writing.

I don’t care if you read my blog. Maybe I do, but then, you know, it’s for your eyes only 😉 

I guess I am so used to be underwritten or overwritten (a blog about bloggong may always contain at least one  made up word. Else where’s the fun for me!). Mostly I write or speak and then people decide what I meant. It is deliriously unclear to me where on the respectometer they imagine themselves to be…. They are very low on my respectometer. So what’s the point in wanting people to read… (unless I respect you which probably means you are reading this right about now xx)
My work can be severe and cutting, way too much truth for most people to handle, I like to have a gentle but inciteful humour, always loved Morcambe & Wise.
Adriana Spalinky


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