How big is the universe?

How big is the universe, 13.77 Billion.

To perform the equation, we swap time and distance.

Ergo, our universe is finite, not infinite.

How thin can space be stretched, will it tear at some point, that tear becoming a big bang and the birth of a new universe.

Now we get to where are we, at the edge of our universe, is there another universe? one made of fluid, one made of brick, one made of, oh wait, we’re getting back to infinity again.

We don’t understand infinity, when we say infinity, we imagine untold universes, all different to each other, but what if that just isn’t the case? What if all the universes have basically the same make up, due to the laws of physics, then we have an infinite number of universes, blopping into existence, the new universes starting, like…. like a fizzy drink, bubbles forming and then evaporating, then condensation of the bubbles occuring again through some untold mechanism (big bang involved),

Anyway, either way perhaps this a good model for us to be getting on with, rather than worrying about bizzarre universes that don’t exist, except in our minds, like do dogs wonder if there is a universe made entirely of bones, narf.

Adriana Spalinky


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