Referendum bunk

For me the referendum is null and void, the campaign involved lies and incitement to racist behaviour, added to this the murder, the political assasination of Jo cox… This is not how britain wants to do, or to be seen to do politics.
To have a second referendum we first need to show that there is the will for such a thing… A second referendum is highly unlikely, that doesn’t mean we don’t “Ask” for one, so we need polsters to poll how people feel about the current political situation, we need media to actively question the nature of the referendum (Most if not all the Brexiteers have since dissapeared, rise in racist hate crime, financial instability), Once it has been shown that the public are deeply unhappy with the result of the referendum, and we call for a second referendum, then the politicians take over.
They undoubtedly come to the conclusion that the referendum result, despite reflecting the feelings of the public (people voted with their heart not their head(This being a persuasive argument, not a 100% fact amongst the electorate)), Many people regret their vote, the referendum result can be seen as a protest vote agaisnt the government of the day, and the fact that only 24% of britain voted David Cameron and his government in, that means that if David Cameron runs a campaign where many more people vote than usual, you are likely to see a protest vote against David Cameron rather than a true reflection of what the country wants.
A second referendum is possible, more possible is a new government by general election, we can all petition our mp’s to make a vote of no confidence in the government.
Once we have a new prime minister, once we have a new Prime minister along with, a whole slew of data and evidence showing that the public sincerely regret the referendum result, then politicians decide….
A) Second referendum (Either side needing 75%)
B) annul the referendum result and carry on
Option “B” seems scary, and it is, we could face civil war, this is not a joke, but hang on a second…. we already have violence, things are out of hand, out of control already, indeed the battle lines were drawn a good while ago, by the brexiteers who’ve since run away from responsibility.
If the leave campaign can win a clean referendum, with a clear majority (Not what happened) then I can accept that result.
I cannot accept the campaign fought with lies, racism political violence and assasination.

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