Disstdressing non equality

I am dead, and out of the water.

Having come out fairly recently, but more than anything I just feel cheated. I feel cheated for me, but I feel cheated for every other *Trans person….. Who were these people to decide that I could only choose to wear trousers?

I’m old and I’m malcontent. I am not a nice person, I have too much self loathing and more than a spoonful of regret/angst and general bitterness towards the society that I’ve grown up in.

I don’t think we can fix the past, so for me it’s all about making the future a better place to be, for myself yes, but for all of those people, in their bedroom, trying on their Mums, Aunties, wifes, sisters, friends sisters make up and clothing, because they know the rules. The rules are that if you’re born with a penis you do not like make up, you wear trousers, you are grumpy obstinate, sexist, greedy, beligerant… how do you know that you must be all these things? because this is the general diet that the media feeds us, you like “Nuts magazine”, you like watching porn, especially two women, you’re self interested and selfish, and the worst thing here is, it is so easy to go along with these ideas, because to not follow these rules, if you try make up on, if you talk to women as though they’re people, the baiting begins, you’re gay, you must be submissive, no woman would ever want you and no man would want you…. except as a cheap joke prostitute.

Women need “Women only areas”, this is how revolting a person you are, how utterly detesteble and untrustworthy.

The trans community plays second fiddle to the gay community, and if your trans you best bet is to do drag, ie:- making a parody of what being female is.

You work in entertainment, because you can’t be of any use to society, other than to be token entertainment, you are just a bloke who weirdly decided to dress in “Women’s clothing”, 

Yes! and let’s have it out, “Women’s clothing”, because if men say that trousers are mens clothing that is sexist, but women, well, they know, only women like pink, only women like to wear a dress, to have smooth legs, to wear make up.

Have a look at shoes, I personally love shoes and choose many shoes and many of the shoes I choose are quite understated, they’re black they fit my feet, and yet in this weird sexist culture, they are identified as “Women’s shoes”

Women’s accessories, womens shoes, Make up they don’t even need to label the make up, any bloke going anywhere near the make up counter is either gay or perving on the women who work there, women’s toilets, women’s wear has at least 3 times the shop floor space compared to menswear, because we all know, Men can only ever want to wear trousers, because we had a sexual revolution and women gained equality and equality means women get choice and men get told who they are, what they want AND then they get bashed by feminists…. and what is that? Walk a mile in my shoes……. but Women, You won’t let me walk a mile in your shoes, because they are “Women’s shoes” & then we’re told that men are the one’s who are sexist, the ones with the problem.

I will not stroll into top shop and bravely shop, despite the stares, and expect the staff to serve me because they have to, it’s their job and it’s in their contract.

I will be sold to, because I am a demographic, there are hundreds of thousands of people born with a penis who do not identify with the “Male” mode, who feel feminine, who want to shop clothing that allows them more expression, and society is not alive, society is dead and whilst we fight for “Women’s equality”, society will never be fixed, it will never be alive, equality, the clue is in the word, equal choice, equal respect.

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