New York girls

So, I work in women’s accessories, which is so freekin’ cool, (Yes I’m heading down the NewYork American/ surferesque dude talk line).


There is a lady who works selling expensive hairdyers, she’s from just outside New York and I just love her style, but it is so so strange, because, “She gets me”!!!! I say something and she gets it, and she runs with it……. am I secretly NewYorkian?!?!?!?!?!?


I listen to ManRepeller which is pretty New york centric and it’s all about taking the focus away from “looking like this because this is what guys will like me to look like”


but they get trans and they’re ok with it…. and the people I’m used to dealing with, working in NW4 (North West london), they try, and they say “He”, and then correct themselves, but this new lady, she’s straight in with my preferred pronouns.

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