Trans Isolation

I wish to further move that “The Trans Community” is neither use nor ornament to the majority of Transgendered individuals.


We hear “The trans community is a small community”, but then it’s the threshold of entering the community.


you have to step into a world twhere you are not welcome. simply browsing “Women’s” clothing/make up can be a nerve racking business.


Interacting with members of the public, whoose only experience of Transgender is the sleazy story from the Daily fail.

Yes the Trans comunity is small, and ITS NO SUPRISE!!! Because it is in itself very cliquey, There are a few who’ve “Had the balls” to make it and so they attain goddess like status to laud it over everyone else, and heaven help you if you are just starting out and you don’t fit in with the tedious arguments the have been worked through and reworked through through an evolving “Trans community”


Now, being on the wrong side of the “Bitch police”, that’s not really any big deal for me, as in, I’m a big girl now and it is like water off a ducks back, but the bitch police (They suddenly have something to say, mostly only when a newbie wants to try something in any way different to the path that they followed), and so, nothing new is explored within the Trans community.


IT IS A DEAD COMMUNITY, from an era ago, where being gay was becoming accepted, and being Trans was being swept under the carpet.


New members need to be welcomed into the community, need to be supported, otherwise the Trans community will remain small, and I dare say, some people like it small, cos it means they get to be the star of the community, they don’t like others coming and stealing any of their limelight.

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